Race Location: Start at Bears Ears meadow near “Ears”

Bears Ears Meadow near the “Ears”

The starting line will be at the Bears Ears meadow near the “Ears” next to the small pond, where it is mostly dried due to the drought conditions, which will be both the 5k and 10k starts at the same time.

The out-and-back course will be 1.5 miles out, with the turn around point near the next small pond and cattle guard intersection before returning back to the start for the finish for the 5k run. The 10k run will be along the same route except the turn-around point will be near Arch Canyon overlook for 3.1 miles and then return back here to the start.

“There is nothing that Indians love so much to as to run races. Maybe that is because the Gods in the far past settled so many difficult questions with races.” – Zuni running quote

Bears Ears Prayer Runner holding the prayer staff while running to Bears Ears in March 2018.

Additional Bears Ears Run 2018 Links below:

Race Date: Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Bears Ears Run 2018: 5k and 10k Info

Register Online Here: please specify if you will run either the 5k or 10k and your race t-shirt size!

2nd Annual Bears Ears 5k and 10k

Camping Information: Bears Ears Gathering 2018


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